Ballard HD Module

Ballard supplies FCveloCity® motive modules to heavy duty vehicle manufacturers for integration into bus, truck and light rail, ready for deployment in commercial fleets.

Developed for mobility applications, the FCveloCity® motive module, is a PEM fuel cell engine including air delivery and cooling systems ready for integration with electric drives.


Designed for scalability, flexible integration and serviceability the FCveloCity® motive module is available in various configurations between 30kW and 200kW.

FCveloCity® motive module provide optimum performances over a wide variety of operating and climatic conditions and hybridisation requirements with low life cycle cost.

Key Advantages of Ballard's FCveloCity® Motive Modules:

Proven Durability

  • Exceptional bus availability and fuel cell lifetime, with 25,000 hours of operation of motive modules in the field

Built-in Safety Features

  • Integrated safety system with ventilation fans, hydrogen sensors, and smoke detectors built into the module to ensure the highest safety

High Performance

  • Integrated system humidification and pressure optimization offers superior performance, fuel efficiency and durability over a wide range of operating conditions and prevents degradation

Flexible Integration

  • Simplified and scalable design facilitates integration into multiple transportation applications and the modular design of the air and cooling systems allows for flexible integration into the vehicle drivetrain

High Temperature Operation

  • Permits a smaller cooling package for integration flexibility and excess heat can be used in the cabin, significantly improving overall vehicle fuel economy

Technology Leadership

  • The preferred option for OEM’s and system integrators, Ballard-powered buses have traveled more than 12 million kilometers in revenue service

FCveloCity® Motive Module Product Portfolio

Product Series

pdf logoFCveloCity®-MD

pdf logoFCveloCity®-HD


Net Power Level


60kW, 85kW, 100kW

200kW (Click here to reach one of our fuel cell experts)


small transit buses,
battery hybrid range extenders

full size hybrid electric buses

Light rail and marine applications

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