Working closely with train and tram manufacturers, Ballard designs and manufactures FCveloCity® fuel cell modules for use in rail applications. Hydrogen and fuel cell hybrid electric powertrains provide a zero emission propulsion system for railway applications without deploying costly overhead electric catenary lines.

Suitable rail applications for fuel cell power include:

  • Light rail and trams in urban environments
  • Commuter and regional trains operating on non-electrified tracks
  • Shunt locomotive in rail yards
  • Specialized trains for underground mining

Hydrogen IconHydrogen

Fuel cell powered light rail and train operate on hydrogen fuel

 Facts about hydrogen:

  • Hydrogen is a clean and safe energy carrier
  • Hydrogen gas and infrastructure are commercially available
  • Hydrogen can be produced from natural gas, biogas, and electricity (including renewable sources)

Most hydrogen is generated at large scale production facilities, delivered and stored as a liquid or compressed gas. Hydrogen can also be produced on‐site using an electrolyser or natural gas reformer. A train is refueled using safe and widely available standard gas dispensing technology for commercial vehicles.


Tram   Presentation – Hydrail: Hydrogen and fuel cell for railway applications  
Overview of technology and solution using fuel cell technology for railway applications including light rail, shunt locomotives and regional trains for non-electrified railway line. Read more...

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