T680 Day Cab Hybrid Electric Hydrogen GreenMost heavy-duty vehicles are powered by diesel engines that emit high levels of pollutants. Based on their mileage and fuel consumption, freight vehicles are among the highest contributors to GHG emissions and street-level pollution.

Increasingly, there is an interest in transitioning freight transport systems to zero-emission technologies to improve sustainability and air quality. Replacing the diesel engine with a battery-hydrogen fuel cell hybrid system enables electric trucks without negatively impacting performance.

Fuel cell-powered commercial trucks:

  • Are an environmentally sustainable solution leading to better air quality
  • Can operate in low emission zones
  • Operate over a longer range and on more demanding routes
  • Offer much higher energy density than batteries to maximize payload
  • Are refueled quickly (10 min), ensuring the truck is on the road generating revenue for the fleet operator
  • Operate quietly without loud engine noise, which allows flexible delivery times in urban areas and driver comfort
  • Offer high energy efficiency

Suitable truck applications for fuel cell power include:

  • Refire Trucks ready to go

    Delivery vans and trucks
  • Refuse and cement trucks
  • Heavy duty port vehicles and drayage trucks

Hydrogen IconHydrogen

Fuel cell electric trucks operate on hydrogen fuel.

Facts about hydrogen:

  • Hydrogen is a clean and safe energy carrier
  • Hydrogen gas and infrastructure for truck fleets are commercially available
  • Hydrogen can be produced from natural gas, biogas, and electricity (including renewable sources)

Most hydrogen is generated at large-scale production facilities, delivered and stored as a liquid or compressed gas. Hydrogen can also be produced on‐site using an electrolyser or natural gas reformer. Truck fleets are refueled using safe and widely available standard gas dispensing technology for commercial vehicles.


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